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Diagnosis IconIntro: Celiac Diagnosis

Celiac Disease is typically diagnosed through a two-step process. The first step is a panel of five blood tests that look for the antibodies produced to attack gluten. If these tests detect the antibodies, the second step is usually an upper endoscope. In this procedure, a gastroenterologist will take several biopsies of the small intestine to look for damage. If the damage is noted, a lifelong gluten free diet will be the recommended treatment.

NOTE: It is best not to start a gluten free diet before diagnosis because this will begin the healing process on the intestine and may make it more difficult for the doctor to say for certain that the patient has Celiac Disease.

There is no cure for celiac disease.  The only treatment is a lifelong change in diet, not eating anything that contains even tiny amounts of gluten.  Therefore, much of this website is devoted to helping you stay gluten-free.

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