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Eating gluten-free in restaurants is a whole other world.  Here there is no regulation of gluten-free practices.  Of course it is in the interest of a restaurant not to serve you food that will make you sick.  But, they may not know how!  And you have to rely on the cooperation, training and actual practices of restaurant staff in a kitchen you probably can’t see.  Some restaurants make a pretty big deal about providing gluten-free meals and invest heavily in facilities and training to serve safe food.  Some do that very well.  But it takes a lot more, for instance, than a sign in the window and a gluten-free piece of frozen dough to make a gluten-free pizza.  You have to talk to your server, chef, manager or whoever it takes to satisfy yourself that the food you will be served is safe for you to eat.

The Lancaster Area Celiac Support Group does maintain a page which links to the "Find Me Gluten Free" website which rates restaurants and businesses who provide gluten free meals and products.

Staying on a gluten-free diet is important to both short- and long-term health in people with celiac disease.  The good news is that people who adhere to a gluten-free diet usually return to a normal state of health.

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