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Searching for GF Restaurants using
"Find Me Gluten Free"
The Lancaster Area Celiac Support Group recommends using a website or smartphone app like Find Me Gluten Free to locate restaurants and other businesses in your area that provide gluten free dining options nationwide. Information on the site is gathered, commented on and rated by individuals like ourselves.

The map view generated by the Find Me Gluten Free website is embedded at the bottom of this page. Their apps and website also provide a list view, more flexible search options and links to call the restaurant directly.  We encourage you to get your own, free account so you can add your own favorite restaurant or rate and comment on a business that is already listed.


  • Before ordering anything in a restaurant, make it very clear to the waiter that you have a gluten allergy.
    • The term "allergy", though not technically correct, helps make sure they take your request seriously versus using the term “diet” or “intolerance”.
  • Know some options that are safe almost anywhere and stick to those if you feel uncomfortable.
    • Some perfectly good options are naked meats ... no sauces or marinades ... with veggies or potatoes.
    • Don’t forget to ask if things are cooked in shared equipment, especially in fryers or on grills.
  • If the waiter seems unsure of anything, do not hesitate to ask for the manager or the chef to come speak with you.
    • Your safety should be their #1 priority.
    • It is not an inconvenience for them when you ask questions!
Important Disclaimer:
Information on this website, newsletters, links and other content is provided for educational purposes. We recommend you consult your heath care provider for advice regarding all medical concerns. As ingredients, menus, etc change without notice, we cannot ensure that information referenced within will remain accurate. In an attempt to provide accurate, useful information, we welcome comments, ideas, corrections and other feedback.