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The following links are provided to give you a few places to start in your on-line search for additional help and support to deal with your celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.  It is BY NO MEANS an exhaustive list.  Nor does the absense of a particular website mean that we don't recommend it.

In fact, if you know a website that you think others may find useful or if you find that one of these links doesn't work, please contact our Webmaster so he can update this page!

Celiac Support Organizations

Canadian Celiac Association

Celiac Disease and GF Diet Info

Celiac Disease Foundation

Celiac Sprue Foundation

Celiac Disease Program and Support Group - Children's Hospital Boston

Gluten Intolerance Group

Gluten Intolerance Group Southcentral Pennsylvania
Southcentral PA chapter of GIG

Living Gluten Free Casein Free

Subscription GF menu planning service

National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) 

Dining Out

Gluten Free Travel Site

Reviews of restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and grocery stores

Triumph Dining - Gluten Free Guides



GF baking products

Dutch Country Soft Pretzels

Produces GF soft pretzels

French Meadow Bakery

Line of GF baked goods and snacks

Nana’s Cookies

GF cookies and snacks
Medical Resources

The Mayo Clinic

Detailed description of Celiac Disease

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse


Food Facts
Database of over 50,000 products including ingredients, nutrition, chemical substances and additives

Important Disclaimer:
Information on this website, newsletters, links and other content is provided for educational purposes. We recommend you consult your heath care provider for advice regarding all medical concerns. As ingredients, menus, etc change without notice, we cannot ensure that information referenced within will remain accurate. In an attempt to provide accurate, useful information, we welcome comments, ideas, corrections and other feedback.